In this Heroes of the Storm counterpicks guide - as an accompaniment to our Heroes of the Storm Tier List. This list is intended to be used when playing Hero League, at the draft screen. As a quick reference guide, it's designed to give you a platform to make your draft decision. I'll stress that these recommended counterpicks are based off my own experienced of Heroes of the Storm up to Grand Master ranking. There are variables and typically, I'll attempt to stick to no more than 4 recommended counterpicks. Be aware that those recommended as Hero Counters is also due to a collection of factors: damage, mobility, utility.

Finally, if you've any suggestions on which Heroes you think are strong against who, let me know in the comments below. 

Updated: 5 September 2017

Enemy Hero

Recommended Hero Counter(s)

Abathur  Nova, Zeratul, Samuro, Medivh
Alarak   Lunara, Malfurion, Nazeebo, Rexxar
Anub'Arak   Muradin, Lunara, Zarya, Tychus
Artanis   Tychus, Li Ming, Brightwing, Malfurion
Arthas   Tychus, Varian, The Butcher, Lunara
Auriel   Nova, Chen, Gul'dan, Tracer
Azmodan   Kerrigan, Thrall, Tychus, The Butcher
Brightwing   Lunara, Gul'dan, Nova, Li Ming
Cassia  Arthas, Malfurion, Gul'dan, Nazeebo, Kael'thas
Chen Sonya, Dehaka, Brightwing
Cho'gall Brightwing, Illidan, Tychus
Chromie Nova, Zeratul, Illidan, Anub'arak
Dehaka Zarya, The Butcher, Rexxar, Samuro
Diablo Cho'gall, Valla, Illidan, Raynor
D.Va Malthael, Tychus, Arthas, Lunara
E.T.C Raynor, Brightwing, Stukov, Tychus, Valla
Falstad Kerrigan, Nova, Zeratul, Gul'dan
Gazlowe Gul'dan, Artanis, Cho'gall, Nova
Garrosh Chromie, Li Ming, Genji, Zagara, Zul'jin
Genji  Jaina, The Butcher, Varian, Nazeebo
Greymane Brightwing, Raynor, Thrall, Rexxar
Gul'dan Illidan, Kerrigan, Nova, Alarak
Illidan Thrall, Brightwing, Li Li, Johanna
Jaina Nova, Samuro, Kerrigan, Li Ming
Johanna Leoric, Raynor, Zarya, Falstad
Kael'thas Nova, Chen, Tracer, Zeratul
Kel'Thuzad Anub'arak, Falstad, Genji, Illidan, Leoric, Sonya
Kerrigan Brightwing, The Butcher, Lunara, Thrall
Kharazim The Butcher, Chen, Thrall, Raynor
Leoric Brightwing, Valla, Jaina, Sonya
Li Li Nova, Lunara, Tracer, Zeratul 
Li Ming Nova, Lunara, Valeera, Zeratul, The Butcher
Lt. Morales Tracer, Lunara, Muradin, Samuro
Li Ming Nova, Valeera, Zeratul, The Butcher, Varian, Arthas
Lunara Nova, Zeratul, Chen, Tracer
Malfurion Illidan, Tracer, Alarak, Stitches
Malthael Lunara, Genji, Sonya, Valla
Medivh Tracer, Lunara, Nova, Gul'dan
Muradin Johanna, Tychus, Valla, Illidan
Murky Everyone!
Nazeebo Lunara, Guldan, Illidan, The Butcher
Nova Zeratul, Tassadar, The Butcher, Chen
Probius Nova, Valeera, Zeratul, Varian, The Butcher, Lunara
Ragnaros Lunara, Raynor, Tychus, Varian 
Raynor Lunara, Gul'dan, Zarya, Thrall
Rehgar Thrall, Kael'thas, The Butcher, Kerrigan
Rexxar Chen, Cho'gall, Lunara, Tychus
Samuro Tassadar, Li Li, Johanna, Sylvanas
Sgt. Hammer Sonya, Illidan, The Butcher, Tyrael
Sonya Chen, Tychus, Malfurion, Brightwing
Stitches Zarya, Tychus, Leoric, Valla
Stukov Artanis, Genji, Nova, Valeera
Sylvanas Zagara, Gul'dan, Illidan, Zarya
Tassadar Lunara, The Butcher, Tracer, Li Ming
The Butcher Illidan, Tracer, Tychus, Brightwing
The Lost Vikings Nova, Zeratul, Falstad
Thrall Brightwing, Chen, The Butcher, Tracer
Tracer Valla, Raynor, Lunara, Zagara
Tychus Samuro, Sylvanas, Lunara, Li Ming
Tyrael Tychus, Lunara, The Butcher
Tyrande The Butcher, Tracer, Falstad, Sylvanas
Uther Li Ming, Raynor, Lunara, Tracer
Valeera Tassadar, Varian, The Butcher, Lunara
Valla Kael'thas, Samuro, Gul'dan, Johanna
Varian Alarak, Thrall, Samuro, Raynor
Xul Zagara, Lunara, Sylvanas, Tracer
Zagara Sonya, Gul'dan, Chen, Illidan
Zarya Tychus, Rexxar, Alarak, The Butcher
Zeratul Tassadar, Jaina, Raynor, Johanna
Zul'jin The Butcher, Varian, Lunara, Thrall

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Last Updated: Sep 05, 2017

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